Payment Problem

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Payment Problem

February 18, 2021 IPTV UPDATES 2

Hi dear subscriber

If you receive a message about Refund from us, we need to inform you that we have a problem with PayPal, they limit our withdrawal access for your payment
for that reason, we refund it to you

we hope that you understand that and resend it to us from our new Payment script

These are the links for resending it :

Please Click on the same amount that we have refunded to you.

CCcam – 2 Months (9€)
CCcam – 6 Months (19€)
CCcam – 2 Years (34€)
CCcam – Lifetime (49€)

IPTV – 1 Month (10€)
IPTV – 3 Months (19€)
IPTV – 6 Months (35€)
IPTV – 12 Months (59€)

CCcam LIFETIME + 1 YR IPTV (79€)

We trust in you, and we will appreciate that a lot.,,

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  1. Ahmed says:

    wonderful site

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